Rainwater Harvesting

The collection of rainwater from the roofs of buildings and other collection points and can easily take place within our cities, towns and villages. All that is necessary to capture this water is to direct the flow of rainwater from roof gutters to a rainwater storage tank. By doing this, water can be collected and used for various uses.

If you are based in a City, then it is possible to replace all or at least a substantial portion of your fresh water requirements by the capture and storage of rainwater from your roof. Being largely self sufficient in water supply is possible for a vast majority of UK households and buildings.

NES South Eastern take care of the whole process from measuring and pricing to installation and testing, we do it all. This is ideal solution for companies looking to save water, we can divert this water to be used on flushing toilets, make urinals waterless and use fresh water only where required.

Finance is available on all project works if required